December 9, 2020

Packaging Management Solutions by Sambrailo

December 9, 2020 (Watsonville, CA) – Nearing a centennial anniversary in agricultural packaging, the team at Sambrailo has built a legacy in the industry known for service and being the pioneers of innovative packaging solutions.  Looking ahead into the new year, Sambrailo is expanding their services and product lines beyond berries.

Sambrailo’s Packaging Resource Management suite of services which expands across all fruit and vegetables categories will be offered; along with growing their leading sustainable product line, ReadyCycle®.  “So, why is Sambrailo spotlighting their suite of services now?” It goes back to Bill Sambrailo’s belief in adapting with the industry and providing and seizing opportunities that utilize Sambrailo’s strengths.  The Packaging Resource Management services once again calls to mind their ability to adapt strategy quickly to grow and push past boundaries in this industry, simply by doing what they do best.

Sambrailo’s Resource Management includes curated solutions for:

  • Packaging Operations including specialized grower issuance
  • Real time Inventory Management
  • Customized Procurement and Forecasting
  • Product Development and Marketing services
  • Quality Assurance and Control through their supplier and inbound inspection program
  • Traceability and Food Safety Compliance programs and reporting

All services are 100% scalable and customizable for each and every client and can be selected individually to create the suite of services that best meet the customer’s operational needs and location.

The team at Sambrailo leading the change includes a mix of veterans and fresh perspectives.  A new addition to the team this year is Mike Keegan of Salinas, California.  Brought on as the Director of Business Development, Sales and Marketing, he brings with him a background in value-added vegetable products and procurement and his passion to expand back into vegetable categories and new growing regions is fuel for the company’s momentum.

“We are excited to have Mike on our leadership team to pursue this next chapter in our legacy, his energy and leadership is a great addition,” says President and CEO Mark Sambrailo.

Also on the team as their Director of IT and Innovation is Erik Sambrailo.  Erik has been onboard since 2014 and brings an engineering background to the table.  His drive to continue his family’s reputation in packaging innovation and continuous improvement processes has added a fresh perspective to the company’s culture.

“I am really excited about the team we have in place, and for us to continue helping our customer find innovative ways to do what they do best” says Erik.

Sambrailo has long been committed to fostering industry partnerships, and the latest focus only furthers the legacy it has built for nearly 100 years. The focus of the Resource Management services positions Sambrailo to enhance industry relationships and continuing driving successful customer packaging experiences.